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About Us

About Company

What BNKO Company is all about?

BNKO technology LTD is the leading source of China commercial RO system. We deal in providing water treatment equipment to commercial, residential, and industrial units; thus we manufacture products like; filter cartridges, water storage, RO membrane, and to name a few.

BNKO is known for providing versatile services to all international buyers through our self-created items and professional experience in water treatment field. What makes our brand name veteran among other industries in water treatment field is, incredible consistency in product quality from the last 50 years.


YW ,Your Window for Quality In China


To be the Super Purchase Group for the foreign clients who are looking for good quality water treatment products in China mainland

How shaking hands with BNKO could be prolific for your Business?

Do you know what other factors are considered to suggest any company’s name in the top category apart from its business strategies, and system of running a business? It’s, what kind of product this company supplies, and with what brand manufacturers this company is affiliated with.

Here, we take it our honor to share that BNKO technology name is counted among the top water purification machines manufacturing companies in China mainland which excels in providing exceptional quality products in the field of water treatment. From water lining to microfilters, water softener, and FRP tank; we deal in providing all those water treatment equipment which can help in making your water system hygienic and safe.

For more queries regarding our water treatment products, system, and services, contact or email us. You’ll always find us willing to assist you.

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