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Buy Drinking Water Purification Machines at Affordable Price Here!

Find high-quality drinking water purification machines for domestic and commercial use at very reasonable prices here. BNKO Environmental Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of water purification equipment in China.

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BNKO environmental technology is here to provide you best drinking water purification machines. They all are manufactured using cutting-edge techniques, technologies, and other such things to make them ideal, and applicable for industrial, commercial, and residential use.

It’s normal to have drinking water purification machines everywhere, but to have reliable, pure, and hygienic water system; it’s rarely seen anywhere! We all drink water, but how do we make sure it’s free of any kind of impurities? Yes, this issue is showing a quick rise in all third world countries.

What can you expect to get at BNKO?

At BNKO, we feel privileged to share the list of drinking water purification products we offer. They’re commendable, applicable, and quality guaranteed for all types of users. Our list of water treatment system includes;

  • Water Softener
  • Standing RO
  • Main Machine & Pretreatment
  • 75G Under sink RO
  • Portable Model
  • Precision Filter Series

How Our Drinking Water Purification System Could Be Beneficial For You?

You won’t realize the significance of our drinking water purification machines until and unless you don’t learn its contribution in water field. However, the water purification machines manufactured in our company are able to block all harmful mineral deposits including; sediment, cysts, scale, and other impurities from entering the water line and equipment.

It also helps in preventing all kinds of water odor and chlorine taste in your ice and beverages.

Other reasons include;

Improved Flavor

Using our water purification machines can help you improve the flavor of drinking water, such as giving it a metallic taste or another unpleasant taste.

Purging water disposes of these contaminants, which can enhance the kind of drinking water without boiling it.

Reduced Chlorine Levels

It also reduces the high level of chlorine which can give rise to few critical health issues such as;

  • Asthma
  • Birth defects
  • Higher risk of cancer


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