Diaphragm PUMP 50GPD/75GPD

Model No. Voltage Inlet Pressure Open Flow Current Bypass Rated Flow Rated Pressure Self-Suction Height
BK-24050 24VDC 0.2MPa ≥1.6l/min ≤1.0A 0.8~1.0MPa ≥0.55/min 0.5MPa ≥1.5m
BK-24075 24VDC 0.2MPa ≥1.6l/min ≤1.2A 0.8~1.0MPa ≥0.831/min 0.5MPa ≥1.5m

The product advantages:
1、The performance targets are met or exceeded the appropriate national and industry standards, such as prolonged water pressure resistance 1.2MPa above, blasting pressure above 3.2MPa, water hammer performance of more than 10 million times, more than 2000h continuous operation and so on.
2、Small, space-saving, fixed foot scale general assembly;
3、Optional threaded connections with 3/8 “NPT thread, 1/4” NPT thread and 1/4 quick connect plug rod. 1/4 “NPT thread can be equipped with a double ring of quick connectors, easy to operate and more reliable;
4、Low operating current, an energy saving of 20%;
5、Flow pressure curve is more gentle in the working pressure range, use the pump will work more stable water purifier.


Reverse osmosis equipment manufacturers

Reverse osmosis equipment manufacturers

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