EDI Equipment(0.5T-100T)

Requests of feed water:
1.Resource:RO water,conductivity<20μs.cm,better<10μs.cm;
3.Water temperature:5-35℃;
4.Hardness(as CaCO3): <0.5 ppm;
5.Organics:maximum 0.5 ppm,TOC recommended to be 0 ppm;
6.Oxidizers:maximum 0.05ppm,Cl2:0.05ppm, O3:0.02ppm,recommended both to be 0 ppm.
7.Metals:maximum 0.01 ppm;
8.Silica:maximum 0.5 ppm;
9.Carbon dioxide:maximum 5 ppm;
10.Oil:not detectable.


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